CBD Oil and Spirituality, Psychic Debbie Griggs, Bridget Ward and Janel Jones in 2021

laatste update: 04-2021

Bridget Ward will Talk about CBD OIL and it’s healing effects through the body and spirit. Bridget will talk with Psychic Debbie Griggs and Dr. Janel Jones and ask about cases of where they used spirituality and holistic healing that healed many of their patients.
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26 gedachten over “CBD Oil and Spirituality, Psychic Debbie Griggs, Bridget Ward and Janel Jones in 2021”

  1. I have essential tremor and need to find the right CBD oil for me. Debbie mentioned to me during a recent reading to research it. I have been taking hemp oil. But it hasn't affected me to a significant degree so would be willing to try any of your suggestions, Thanks!

  2. Thank you ✨✨💖✨✨✨💖✨🕊 Yes I believe 🥰 Plants have intelligence . I ask spirit to remove all and any Inharmonious vibrations and replaced by the purifying white light ✨✨✨ green healing light and purple transmuting light and for these blessing I am grateful . We have receptors in our bodies waiting for canabis . This is a valuable conversation 😍☀️🕊

  3. Great video! Very knowledgeable am going to look up bridget Ward and Janel Jones I already follow Debbie. I will definitely be getting a reading from you in the future. Debbie I love your videos

  4. I believe that the anointing oil was actually spikenard, but I love CBD oil. I use it topically for painful areas, and I take it under my tongue to help with eye pressure. So very glad that you are addressing this plant and its great benefits. Not to mention the uses of regular hemp for so many things.

  5. i have a 15 inch tumor A few years ago it was a lot smaller and I had it removed and now it came back even bigger about four years later so now it's up to 15 inches on my neck shoulder back area.. I have tried CBD and cannabis…But I'm not willing to give up my amendment rights to use cannabis no way .. I love by amendment rights🤗

  6. i was watching debbie predction for 2019. then i felt like going to her website to do some research. as soon as i open her website flashes of light showed up like blinking 5-6 times then her website opened.😇never happened to me before. what does it mean???
    @debiee is it giving me a sign to do my reading from you??? please let me know

  7. I totally loved this presentation! Thank you ladies. If the CBD oil comes from the Hemp plant, most products will NOT have THC (the high) in it or no more than the legal limit which is VERY minimal. Medicinal marijuana is different.

  8. Be careful some states won't let you have a gun permit and some states will take any guns you own if you have a rx for CBD oil and or other CBD products. Just spoke with a dr about this and it was confirmed info is true and some states were going to take peoples drivers licenses.


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